Mixed Drinks in a can with  Flavors that's out of this World 

Flavors Out Of This World

Alien Octane


Neptune - Bourbon and Cherry Cola

Mulder & Scully - Vodka Bloody Mary

Scott Glenn - Rum and Cola and Lime

Lunar Landing - Tequila Lime Margarita

Mars Sunburst - Whiskey Sour with Fresh Orange Juice and bannana

Stardust - Kiwi Lime Mojito

Mercury -Gin and Tonic

Venus -Long Island Iced Tea

Apollo 7 - Traditional Martini with a hint of   Kiwi lime

Saturn Rings - Vodka, Kiwi, grapefruit, Watermelon and bannana 

Pluto Pina Colada- Rum, Pineapple, Coconut, lime

Lava Rock - Licorice Liquor , Grape Soda and Tonic

© Alien Octane

Stardom Beverages®  2020

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