The Killing Machines
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When a Gulf War hero loses his wife to a gunman. He becomes a killer for a hire for the mob. During his years of mourning he trains his 9yr. old and 11yr. girls old to follow in his violent footsteps. When their dad is setup by the mob for murder, the girls with the help of their retired assassin uncle, has to finish the mob's dirty work to get their dad home. 
 It's Saturday morning, 6am a covert operation is in progress an elite team of soldiers is dressed in stealth black is approaching a private compound. Is it a S.W.A.T. team, Special forces? Navy Seals, No! It's Nina and Roxy Meyers" A 9 yr old and an 11 year old armed and ready to die for one cause, to save their dad from a life sentence in Jail. It all started when Jane Meyers was killed three years ago at the family owned deli. Joe Meyers so distraught by the loss of his wife, hires his older brother Willie "The Breadman" Meyers, known assassin for the mob, to teach him how to kill. 

 Once Meyers learn to kill, he got so good at it, that the mob hired him to start his own mission of death. Meyers thought the best idea to infiltrate certain locations was to use a new tactic, something totally different, an idea that no one would ever expect. Use his young daughters to take out some of the most wanted targets of the mob. Without a second thought , without remorse the father taught his two daughters, not only how to kill, but survive, cook, drive, shop and everything humanly possible to survive life. The life lesson that Joe Meyers taught his daughter, will soon save him from a life in prison. 
 The Father setup by the mob is arrested and taken into custody, that's when the action begin. Nina youngest of the two daughters immediately goes to Giovanni Putani the head of the upstate New York cartel and demands that they get her dad out. Somehow the mob didn't seem to concerned, that is until Nina pulls a gun on Giovanni and threatens to kill him. Now that Giovanni knew the truth and the potential of the little girls. He makes a deal with the daughters. They are to kill five bad guys for Giovanni and the mob, and Giovanni would not testify against Joe Meyers, therefore setting him free. 

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