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Chris Gillard - Musical Director/Composer/Songwriter

Award-winning Composer, Sound Designer and Vocalist, Christopher has been making and recording music and audio since the days of reel-to-reel and cassette. He earned a B.S. in Media Production from Florida State University and is an alum of the Recording, Radio, and Film Connection. Christopher has served as an Adjunct Instructor at the Institute of Audio Research in addition to running his Brooklyn based production facility, Sound Haus Audio. A formally trained vocalist, Christopher also plays guitar and Bass and owner and lover of Motorcycles

Dan  Foss - Producer/Reality TV Director

Born in Western New York state, Dan eventually relocated to the Hudson Valley region where he studied filmmaking but did not complete his degree. He instead began a career in agriculture, running his own dairy farm for several years until a serious back injury forced him to take a more passive role in his business. During the economic recession that followed his injury, he was forced to sell his farm.


Once he recovered, Dan decided to go back to school to finish his degree and in the process rediscovered his love of storytelling. In 2017, after earning his Associate’s in Communications & Media Arts and a year of working commercially, he founded DJamesFoss Media, a small production company based in the Hudson Valley that deals in both client-based services as well as Foss’ own creative endeavors.

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Robert Monegan  .png

Robert Monegan - Stage Director/Narrator

(Stage Manager/Narrator - Artist, Writer. Has produced theatrical presentations of his GLAM DIVAS comic art ( for stage, film, and gallery exhibitions, including public staged readings of his written works for various NYC venues. Currently completing shooting of his film short, THE EYES OF THE WORLD - a dark comedy about Hollywood's silent film era of the 1920s. Future projects include his play, DEFIANTLY FABULOUS - a gay/comedic twist (ala parody) on the classic 1958 Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier film, "The Defiant Ones".

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