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Bullets To Broadway® 

In This TV show, a Broadway producer will take some urban theater producers from one of the hardest cities in New York State and gives them a chance to prove themselves on a New York City stage in a brand new musical called Vampires The Musical®. The producer mentors them and uses his resources to guide the Team to success on a New York City Stage  


The objective of the TV show is to show what Vampires The Musical® has to go through to make it in the musical theater industry in New York City. The barometer of success will vary once the audition process takes place and the rehearsal begins. Vampires The Musical® will be produced on stage in NYC, the whole process of making the musical will be captured in the reality series. The Reality series will focus on 8 - 10 new members of the cast as well as the urban producers creating the musical as they are mentored by real Broadway producers.  Follow us as we follow them to auditions, rehearsals to the opening night of a New York City Stage premiere in this new reality TV series “Bullets To Broadway®”

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