About Us

Hip Hop Lives Matter® is a brand new reality TV show that will focus on Hop Hop Artists, Dancers, Rappers and Actors for the TV Network HIP·HOP·TV®. Hip Hop Artists will be able to go to the TV show Hip Hop Lives Matter® and show thier skills on this cutting edge TV show and promote thier latest music, fashion, art and other elements of Hip Hop.


HIP·HOP·TV®  will find standout talent and elevate them into the spotlight to be featured in this reality TV show and given a chance to eventually  promote themselves on “Hip Hop Lives Matter, a non- scripted TV series featuring new talent in the hip hop world

Season one  Objectives: Establish the Hip Hop artists and highlight their talent through featuring thier music videos and their progress on the stage

Season Two  Objectives: Expand our Hip Hop Lives Matter movement  to Los Angeles, Chicago , Miami and Austin, and feature artist from these areas



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