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The Newburgh Museum &
Underground Railroad Experience

Not only will you view History, you will relive it!

The Newburgh Museum &
Underground Railroad Experience

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The Newburgh Museum &
Underground Railroad Experience


Experience The Newburgh Museum & Underground Railroad where you will not only see history; you will relive it. In this one of a kind tour Harriet Tubman will take you through a series of tunnels and pathways to find your Freedom in this very Unique Museum

The Main Attraction
New York State was a gateway for many African Americans seeking to escape slavery in the 1800s. Its prime location, with access to Canada and major water routes, made it the destination of choice for many Africans fleeing slavery along the eastern seaboard. This interactive exhibit  was created to let the average person understand what it was like to get the courage to take the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom

This Underground Railroad pathway replica will use modern technologies like video displays , GSP and electronic sensor triggers to help the visitor experience. Each tour will have a guide that will take a group of escaped slaves through the Underground Railroad. 

A One of Kind Experience                                                                               Harriet Tubman will serve as your guide with only a lantern and a map that will find your route to freedom. Interactive displays will include but not limited to the (1) Slave keepers on horses (2) Slave keepers with dogs (3)an interiors Jail cell that is really a safe haven (4)  underground waterways and water falls (4) stray animals and reptiles (5) enslavement camps (6) Slave auctions.

Although some of these display may seem harsh, we want to portray the realism of what the Underground Railroad was and what slave ahd to go through to reach thier Freedom. This one of a kind museum will not only get local fanfare, we expect this Museum and exhibit to become the most popular museum tourist attraction in the Hudson Valley with the New York City museums eventually copying our Beta model


Our History will be accurate                                                                              On The historic side we will have Johanna Yuan , County Historian and Mary McTamany that will help oversee the vital details of Newburgh History. We also have Jovanka Vojvodic an experience architect that currently works for Bloomberg News as their resident architect, she is now on board with this project



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