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Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Honey

We are often asked how we got started with beekeeping. Our journey with bees began largely when we moved to Hunterdon County from Montclair, nearly five years ago. Zach, our youngest child, has asthma and suffered from very bad seasonal allergies, which naturally worsened when we moved to Kingwood Township and its rural surroundings.

We searched for a number of remedies to alleviate his allergic reaction which significantly increased in the Spring and Fall seasons.

We are always cautious about prescribing medicines for our children and often seek out natural treatments whenever possible, and decided to give raw honey a try. We read about the many benefits of local, raw honey and that honey can help prevent allergies through a concept called immunotherapy.

It’s a process that strategically exposes your body to the element you are allergic to, which over time should make you less sensitive to it. In this case, raw honey, named this because it has not been filtered or heated, contains pollen and the body becomes more tolerant of pollen, thus reducing your allergic reaction.

We noticed a huge difference in Zach’s allergies, and at this point, were frequents to the local beekeepers where were purchasing raw honey from. This led to our increasing curiosity about beekeeping and as a family, we would spend our weekends immersing ourselves in beekeeping books.

After months of research and coaxing by our local beekeeping friends, we decided to take the plunge and officially start our journey as beekeepers BUT doing it the right way. No pesticides. No additives. Just PURE, RAW HONEY from bees that we value, nurture, and love. Nothing more.

This has been such a wild ride but we don't regret one minute...


Trade Street Jam Co.

Trade St. Jam Co. is a chef, woman and minority-owned and certified business that started in a tiny apartment in North Carolina on Trade Street. Our passion for all things food grew into something more: a company built on the foundation of culinary innovation.


Joy and Carol are a couple of Northwest Indiana soccer moms who were looking for a nutritious and ingredient conscious product to sell to raise funds for their youth soccer families. They found that product when they created bNutty! You can find them at the soccer field on the weekends and at bNutty headquarters- ‘The Nut House!’ during the week!



Hi, we’re Alex and Dee. Two friends on a quest to drink better.

Growing up in London & New York, we learned the power of connecting over a good drink first hand. Whether it was a bar, pub, or someone's home, the act of getting together and sharing a drink was where it all happened - friendships made, break-ups debriefed, & laughter shared.

But over the years, we started to pay more attention to what we were drinking. 

That’s when we noticed that the “mixers” we were pairing with our booze suck! Sodas and juices full of sugar and nasties. Tasteless, uninspiring vodka-sodas. Tired branding made by flat, faceless corporations. 

Put simply, mixers are not made for the modern drinker.

Today, people can do just about anything. We’re making meat in a lab. Thinking about launching a colony on Mars. 

So we thought: Hey, we can probably do a better job with what we mix with our alcohol

A Dozen Cousins Mexican Cowboy Pinto Beans

Frijoles Charros (cowboy beans) are named after the traditional Mexican horsemen who often cooked this dish over campfires out on the range. These beans have a little kick courtesy of the green chilis and jalapenos and they pair great with rice or a warm tortilla. They are an easy, non-GMO vegan and vegetarian snack, meal, side dish or on-the-go camping or hiking snack.


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is the exclusive food market for the HIP·HOP·TV® $hopping Network

Stay tuned as Shop The Black Food Market airs exclusive products and

one of a kind Deals on upcoming episodes of the HIP·HOP·TV® $hopping Network

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