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Stories Behind The Brand

Lets explore the creators with "Stories Behind The Brand"

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VampireWear invites the night to tell us who we are. Imagine for a moment a full moon on a top of a hill where a night of fantastic venture can begin, We are not talking ghosts , goblins or werewolves. We are talking about Vampires, Creatures of the night. VampireWear shares a common bond of nightly adventure with those who dare to wear VampireWear. Again we invite you to join this one of a kind life style of the night

VampireWear .. For those that Dare  the Night!


Company: VampireWear®

Owner : Amanda Fultz

                 Beacon, NY


I am night, I am darkness, I am the girl your daddy warned you about. My creativity drives my soul and wrecks your brain, That's the logic behind my brand. VampireWear; Inspired by the people of the night, I am one of those-- so watch your neck, I'm coming for you. I invite you to join this one of a kind life style of the night.

VampireWear .. For those that Dare the Night!

VampireWear® Cap
VampireWear® Face Mask
VampireWear® Duffle Bag
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