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A semi-tractor trailer with double expandable wings will provide the mobile home for the National Hip Hop Hall Of Fame and Museum Tour™. Additional awnings for both front and back of the unit will be the home to the Hip Hop High Clothing Company Retail store and the Hip Hop hall of fame Theater

Hip Hop High® Presents

The National Hip Hop Hall Of fame Tour


The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Museum Tour™ will hit the road with a traveling exhibit to launch the National Hip Hop Hall of fame and Museum Tour™. The purpose of the tour is to help the nation better understand the history of Hip Hop and how it has evolved as an art form over the years . The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame & Museum Tour™ will tour to under privileged and underserved neighborhoods by taking the museum to their door steps through Urban Youth centers ,Youth Programs like the Boys and Girls Clubs and accessible Community Colleges and Universities that will host this groundbreaking exhibit. This tour is in conjunction to promote the Reality TV series "Hip Hop High Incorporated - The Reality TV Series.®” and the upcoming release of the Movie and soundtrack of the feature Film “Hip Hop High®”

This is an important exhibition for the Hip Hop world to connect with mainstream America , in a mere 1000 square feet it will open our eyes to the fact that Hip Hop music and its history has such an impact on today’s culture, fashion and music.  Hip Hop High® could have created a Hip Hop Hall of fame and museum as a conventional exhibit for mainstream institutions, but we decided to go another route instead and we did that because in a mobile learning center we knew that we could reach an infinitely greater number of people beyond museum walls. In the long run The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame will eventually find a permanent home, the location will be in debate during  "Hip Hop High Incorporated - The Reality TV Series. The TV show that is propelling this tour.

The plan is to partner with Hip Hop legends like Dougie Fresh, Kurtis Blow and others and explain how Hip Hop and rap has evolved. On the road the National Hip Hop Hall Of Fame Team will promote the understanding of Hip Hop within the Museum through temporary and traveling exhibits, seminars and Hip Hop history lessons within the tour.

Daily musical performances by Hip Hop artists will be featured in the tour as well as dance performances by up and coming Hip Hop stars. Featured actors from the Hip Hop High series will headline the performances and all performances will be performed with the confines of the traveling museums.

The tour itself will be sponsored by “Hip Hop High®” and sponsors to TBA. The tour plans to kick off in Austin Texas March 2016 when it premieres its new Film “Hip Hop High – The Musical” at the South By Southwest film and music festival. From there the tour will move west to California then back towards the east coast. The plan is to hit all major film festivals, music festivals and Award shows throughout the U.S. making stops all over to show the nation The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Museum as we promote  "Hip Hop High Incorporated - The Reality TV Series. and the upcoming premiere of the feature Film “Hip Hop High-The Musical®”.

The museum visit takes approximately 45 minutes, and is available as a scheduled or informal experience. Professional educators will act as guides for each group. The truck can accommodate 30 people per tour, meaning during a typical school day between six to eight classes can experience the tour.

The interior of the National Hip Hop Hall Of Fame and Museum Tour™ contains a series of powerful and interactive multimedia exhibits through which visitors will explore the importance of Hip Hop and its history. There are videos and interactive displays throughout the interior. As each visitor walks through the different learning areas the spaces are filled by Hip Hop images and voices from the past and the present day. The goal of this unique mobile experience is to prompt each visitor to understand Hip Hops origin and see and experience its successes and failures throughout its short history.


The National Hip Hop hall of fame and Museum Tour™ will reach thousands of people in their own communities enabling them to experience this unique museum with their families, who might not otherwise have a chance to experience this powerful exhibit otherwise.



These are merely examples of what will be at the National Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Museum Tour™, Actual displays, memorbilia and artifacts are in the works and will be ready for the 2017 launch of the Mobile Museum. The tour will coincide with Film festivals, Music festival as well as TV awards shows like the BET Music awards Show, The MTV Music Video awards shows, and The BET Hip Hop Awards show.


The 2nd leg of the tour we will be joining either a Hip Hop artist tour or a pop artist group and piggy back on their tour to gain even more exposure for this ground breaking project. Stay tuned as we continue to work our way to the launch of The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Museum.

The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame & Museum Tour® is Tv show that will focus on

The history of Hip Hop. 

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