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Meet The Cast of Hip Hop High -The Musical 

Ibn Dixon as Trench

Ibn Dixon is an aspiring Actor and Writer. He began his theater training with the African Globe Theater at Newark's Symphony Hall, at the age of twelve making him one of the youngest members in the Company's history. Most of the students were high school students, mainly from Newark's Arts High but Ibn was accepted based on his level of maturity and his ability to focus on a career in the industry at such a young age. The Company later moved to Bloomfield College which gave Ibn even more insight into theater and performing arts.

Some of Ibn's musical performances include; MacBeth In The Hood and Hip Hop: The Lost Generation at Newark Symphony Hall at the young age of 13.He was very focused as a youngster.

 Ibn not only contributed his acting skills to these productions; he also assisted in the writing process.. Ibn has also appeared in a few short films where he was cast in lead roles and has also won supporting roles in a few major films. Ibn has done national campaign ads for both Footlocker and Verizon.

Hip Hop High - The Musical® at Creative Cultural Center, St. Veronica

149 Christopher St. New York, NY

Friday, August 3rd  - 4 pm 

Friday, August 3rd  - 8 pm 

Saturday, August 4th  - 4 pm 

Saturday, August 4th  - 8 pm 

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