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Hip Hop High - The Musical
This modern-day musical tale centers on an urban school, which only accepts the best dancers, singers, and rappers. "Drew" Moore, a three-time city dance champion, has recently moved into town with his family, and has enrolled into “Hip Hop High”. Drew has fallen on hard times and has withdrawn himself from his family, friends, and his dancing, but when he witnesses a robbery and murder by some fellow students in the school, Drew has to choose between being a cowardly bystander or fighting back. In a school of cut-throat competition, Drew will need more than just talent if he wants to survive and come out on top. Hip-hop dance will be his secret weapon and rap will be his battle Cry in “Hip Hop High-The Musical”

Hip Hop High-The Musical Makes

The New York Theater Festival

Will Hip Hop Ever transcend to Broadway, that question may soon be answered? Hip Hop High-The Musical will be hitting the New York Theater Festival in July The musical produced by Z-Man Films and Records has been working to launch the film and the staged musical of the same name with great success.

Z-Man; the writer/producer/creator of “Hip Hop High-The Musical” feels that the project is getting the break it so needed to get the attention of the general public to push toward Broadway and Off-Broadway stages.

Although our Main target is Broadway, "we are seeking off-Broadway stages, colleges and High schools around the world", says Z-Man.
"I feel that the young adults can relate to a show that won’t be sugar coated or happy-go-lucky. Hip Hop High is real, it’s truly from the hood, the music, the dance and the overall feel of the musical; is what young adults are feeling today".


The New York Theater Festival may have just found a hit with “Hip Hop High-The Musical” The festival is expecting great things from this year's lineup and we anticipate “Hip Hop High-The Musical” to be a favorite among the young adult demographic audience


.All in all only time will tell if Hip Hop will ever transcend to Broadway, but with shows on Broadway like “The Heights” and “Bring Da Noise, Bring da Funk” it’s only a matter of time before “Hip Hop High-The Musical” makes its mark on Broadway or Off-Broadway stages.

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