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Trailer From the upcoming new musical TV series "Hip Hop High"

In The Heart of a city with no shame lives a high school with no rules. Drugs have become the number one topic and the only thing that stands between logic and chaos is a teacher with a passion for the Arts.

Ms. Lauren – former Broadway star, now inner city High School savior. Her passion is dance, but her heart is music and she’s spreading the wealth to her students. Five time city championship under her belt, she has a goal but not only to win another championship but to save as many kids as she can from the these tough, deadly streets of the hood.

A string of school murders has everyone on edge but Ms. Lauren knows that the only way to stop the deaths is to stay off the streets and for her the answers are in the classroom. Right now she has a dilemma because former trouble makers are not only back in town, but they are back in class. Lauren thinks this might be the answer she needs to stop the violence and at least slow it down.

Hip Hop High TV Trailer

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