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Meet The Cast of Hip Hop High -The Musical 

Desire as Lisa

Desire Ortiz was born and raised in Spanish Harlem and Harlem New York.   She is a dancer, actor, model, choreographer, songwriter, and singer.   Desire is 16 years old and has extensive training in Dance where she continues to train with the Alvin Ailey school and Harlem School of the Arts.

Desire is a senior in High School pursuing a musical theatre /Dance major in college. Performing Arts is her joy and passion, and she hopes to spread that joy to everyone that sees her work.


Desire is also choreographing key numbers in Hip Hop High - The Musical. Hip Hop High  Incorporated has also taken her under their wing and plans to feature Desire in their upcoming Reality TV show "Bullets To Broadway" where Desire will not only be performing in the musical, she will also be pursuing an independent record contract by recording a song from the musical that she will perform and choreograph her own music video. The plan is to make Desire the next Ariana Grande. Desire says she is up for the challenge.

Hip Hop High - The Musical® at Creative Cultural Center, St. Veronica

149 Christopher St. New York, NY

Friday, August 3rd  - 4 pm 

Friday, August 3rd  - 8 pm 

Saturday, August 4th  - 4 pm 

Saturday, August 4th  - 8 pm 

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