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Meet The Cast of Hip Hop High -The Musical 

Savannah McManus as Zoe

Savannah McManus was born and raised in the small town of Warwick, NY by an incredibly supportive family including her parents and three older sisters. She considers herself very lucky to be a part of hip-hop high the musical and the reality show bullets to Broadway! From a very young age, all she would do is sing and act. It all started when she did a photoshoot for a neighbor at the age of seven that she knew being in front of a camera was for her. She took acting classes with the incredible Ms. Donna Haley with the MCC acting school throughout high school. Credits include Georgie in Spike Heels, Rosalind in As You Like It, Arlene in Getting out and working in King Cobra for the Sundance Film Festival along with extra work in the television series Big Dogs. After high school, she went to Orange County Community College where she studied Improvisation, Acting Fundamentals, Monologue Writing,  and Drama: Ibsen to O'Neill. She is also a highly trained martial artist. She is a second-degree black belt in  Japanese Gojo Ryu Karate Do along with being a brown-black belt in Kobudo (weapons) and taking two years of Kickboxing. She would like to thank Z, Andrea, Keith, Cindy, and Chris for making this all possible! 

Hip Hop High - The Musical® at Creative Cultural Center, St. Veronica

149 Christopher St. New York, NY

Friday, August 3rd  - 4 pm 

Friday, August 3rd  - 8 pm 

Saturday, August 4th  - 4 pm 

Saturday, August 4th  - 8 pm 

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