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Meet The Cast of Hip Hop High -The Musical 

Jadon-li Antoine

Jadon-Li Michael Antoine is a Entertainer,  Singer, Actor, Ballet Dancer, Musician Producer (Studio Engineer), Musicianist, Designer and Visual Artist. Jadon-Li was born in 4/11/2003 and currently a 9th grader that's going to be apart of a school called Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School.

I am the youngest member of hip hop high even though it doesn't seem like it because i'm humongously tall!

I started my acting and dancing days in a small new school called Renaissance School of the Arts, (A.K.A R.S.A) with two broadway plays called Lion King and Aladdin. I audition for both and received the role of Adult Simba (for Lion King) and Aladdin (for Aladdin), and from receiving these lead roles it has taught me great responsibility and had gained me a lot of attention, which I had to get used to in a certain amount of months. Lion King was my first time ever doing any acting when it came to being on stage. My school also trained me to be comfortable within my talents and to be passionate to show it to the world. It also offered me Dancing classes, Band and Visual Arts.

I was born in a bright colored high ceiling inspiring apartment in east harlem, New York. Ever since I was floating in my mom's stomach, my mom would sing to me and I would wake up and start kicking along to the rhythm. Also when I was around my baby walking months my mom would still come to sing to me and I would stand up at the edge of the carriage and start dancing. When I grew up my mom started to realize that I could sing and had a voice, so she decided to start putting me in songs. At this moment she is currently my manager and Ceo boss of Sauccy Sundays and Madameofchancemusic. The reason why im saying this is to show you (The reader) that ever since I was in the womb I  was interested in music and my mom influenced me to become a singer from her singing around me everyday. I feel in love with music because I thought of it as a way to tell my story and find a way to connect with the world at times when they feel sad or just looking for some hope

and sight of freedom.

Hip Hop High to me is my first off broadway show ever! This is experience is more that I could ask for, as soon as chris the music director recommended me to be apart of it I was so excited, and till this day I still am. All the cast members are amazingly talented, everybody has an extremely strong bond with each other and we are so excited to put this show on for you guys. This is really going to be amazing!

Hip Hop High - The Musical® at Creative Cultural Center, St. Veronica

149 Christopher St. New York, NY

Friday, August 3rd  - 4 pm 

Friday, August 3rd  - 8 pm 

Saturday, August 4th  - 4 pm 

Saturday, August 4th  - 8 pm 

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