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Vampires The Musical , A celebration of life and death. This comic adventure of the afterlife is a tale of murder greed deceit, the mob and the undead. Think def music meets "Rocky Horror" with a touch of "little Shop”. A private eye - Shadow Paxton and the vixen of a vampire cult, Martina Rain, are pitted against each other in a musical that involves an old romance, virgin maiden, a jealous sister in law, a detective- turned priest and a nasty criminal named James Dallas.

The story begins when Paxton discovers the victims of a crime drained of their blood. The plot develops as Paxton and a young reported(and his former lover ) Kelly Donohue, team up to destroy Martina's Lair, and save Tuesday Graham, Who the vampires have captured so they can turn her into the next vampire queen.(Tuesday happens to be the virginal daughter of Rev Graham, who spent 20 years on the New Orleans police force crusading against the" People of the Night", and had to give up his badge after the undead discovered his secret hiding place and murdered his wife.

That's when he turned to God and Moved to New York to protect his daughter.)
If this isn't complicated enough- other characters slithering in and out, including Kelly's Aunt Mrs. Calhoun, a musicteacher at New Orleans Community College; and the reverend sister Brenda, who always wanted a daughter and was secretly thrilled when Mrs. Graham was murdered because it gave her the chance to raise Tuesday on her own. Throw in some songs , including "Welcome to the Darkside , Genocide, and Vampire Theory" and we’ve got ourselves one genuinely ghoulish musical

Martina Rain & Ethor

The Master and The Servant, The question is.. Who's biting who

The Graham Family

Caught between a rock a hard place Rev. Graham is force to protect his family


Neither friend or foe, Vixxen is in it for the blood

The Transformation

Once you have been bitten, there's no turning back

The Coven

The loyalist to Queen Martina rain will stop at nothing to please her..

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