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Lewis Thompson as Rev  Malcolm Graham/Tuesday's father

Lewis Edward Thompson A.K.A. " THE CELEBRITY WAITER " is an Actor/Singer/Comedian/Voice-Over Artist/Waiter, and a former Assistant-Manager of JIM HENSON PRODUCTIONS ( THE MUPPETS), in NEW YORK CITY was born and raised in the Astoria Projects in ASTORIA, QUEENS, went to Our Lady Of Mr. Carmel Elementary School, W.C. BRYANT H.S., Queensboro College and began to sing in nursery school, did acting work in high-school and collage. He has a natural talent for performance work on stage, tv, and film and took to it " like a fish to water" but he also took classes to learn more about his talents improve his style and also to meet lots of women, no really! He succeeded ( some good some bad, it goes that way sometimes). He worked many jobs to support himself in his career ( messenger, wall street securities clerk, telemarketing etc.) but his heart was always in acting work. Recently he worked on BOARDWALK EMPIRE, MADAM SECRETARY, 100 CENTER STREET, did HIP-HOP HIGH, ( as a murder victim, he dies quite well),  an original production of Vampires In Da House. You can see a sample of his work and actors-reel on YOUTUBE, contact on FACEBOOK, MESSENGER, credits on IMDB, pictures, video on INSTAGRAM. He works as a waiter at TGIFRIDAYS on 5th ave, and been there for 14 years, but knowing Lewis his star is rising and he won't be there for long, and people have their eye on him. After all he is a Celebrity, and he has an OSCAR ( he bought it)!

Vampires The Musical® 

December 8th, 4pm

Creative Cultural Center, St. Veronica

149 Christopher St. New York, NY

Tuesday, December 10th. 1pm - Industry Only

Location: To be annouced soon

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