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Presents Sports Fan Club™

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Have you ever want to be on ESPN, Have you ever want to be on FOX Sports Network, Here’s your chance; Sports Fan Club™ is the Newest way for any fan to create their own personalized sports broadcast and be seen on real TV. Sports Fan Club™ wants to see real sports fans perspective on Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and whatever sports addiction you have. Contact us now and create your own sports TV show and be on the Halftime Sports Network® on our new TV show Sports Fan Club™

GreenBay Packers SuperFan Neal Peets created his own Sports TV show with the help of Sports Fan Club™ , a new service created by Halftime Sports Network® His show gives you playoff predictions, The Greenbay Packers injury report, NFL News and update on Aaron Rodgers, Mason Crosby and all things Packers on this amazing Fan report. Create your own Sports TV here.  Contact us at

And have show be seen on  Halftime Sports Network® available on HIP•HOP•TV® on ROKU, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV and others. Join this TV  network now with your very on Sport TV show

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