Hip Hop High Incorporated will be featured on the Reality TV series  


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Hip Hop High Incorporated:  Looking  for Young Ambitious

 Hip Hop Executives

Hip Hop High Incorporated is building the world largest Hip Hop Corporation with The New TV Networks,  HIP·HOP·TV®, Urban News Network® and The Motorcycle Channel®, Films and  TV shows Like Hip Hop High® and The Path To Stardom®, Tangible Products like Stardom Ice Teas® and Hip Hop High Clothing Company® and other businesses.

We are looking for 10 executives to help build these companies and run this corporation. If you have business savvy ideas, a burning desire for success, An entrepreneurial passion and the love of Hip Hop, This company may be for you.

Let’s build something special at Hip Hop High Incorporated. This company will be featured on the upcoming TV series Urban Entrepreneur

The Eight Companies of Hip Hop High Incorporated 


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 Hip Hop High Incorporated - is  a new company that has formed a conglomerate out of the eight companies of Hip Hop High


 “Hip Hop High® Incorporated

Hip Hop High Incorporated has acquired a budget to create a conglomerate of entertainment companies that will be marketed to the mainstream. The initial objective of the company is to bring the eight companies of the Hip Hop High will come together and function as Hip Hop High Incorporated.

The company will focus on finding and cultivating executives and employees for “Hip Hop High Incorporated™ ”. The company includes a Feature Film called Hip Hop High-The Musical®, The Hip Hop High Clothing Company®, The Hip Hop High Dance Company®, The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame & Museum Tour®, a 24 Hour TV channel called “HIP·HOP·TV”, Urban News Network® and A record company called “Hip Hop High Records™ ” and Hip Hop High Radio®, Collectively if the Hip Hop High Incorporated™ team can pull this off, they will become the biggest Hip Hop conglomerate in the world. the company will be featured on the upcoming  Reality TV Series

Urban Entrepreneur

In The News

​THE REVOLUTION begins shooting in New York

July 2020


The Hip Hop High Dance Company will open its door to a select few for it's 2017 campaign. We are excited to get started. Information coming here soon about registration

Hip Hop High Auditions



The Auditions process starts august 18th and will run to august 23th. The Audition location will be announced at the beginning of august, so stay tuned here to find out the details 

Hip Hop High Clothing Company Looking for fashion Designers to launch new Collection

Sept 2019


The Hip Hop High Clothing Company® is on the look out for the next Hip Hop fashion designers, As part of  the Hip Hop High Reality TV show, The Hip Hop High Clothing  company will be creating its own line of clothing for 2017. Designers will be competing to be the first to launch thier own line for Hip Hop High . Stay tuned for details

Hip Hop City 




Z-Man / Damon Finch


Musical Film

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