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Hip Hop High Incorporated 

“Hip Hop High Incorporated” is a brand new company that will focus on finding and cultivating executives for the “Hip Hop High Incorporated”. The executives will have to build each company from the ground up and create a profitable operating business model for each company of the Hip Hop High Incorporated. 


How The company will Work

Hip Hop High Incorporated is trying to acquire a budget to make a major motion picture. One of the objectives of the company is to show how the different companies of Hip Hop High Incorporated will work together to get the budget for the film Hip Hop High -The Musical. For instance, our main company  Hip Hop High-The Musical will start with a showcase that will feature a live reading of the entire script of Hip Hop High-The Musical. The reading will also feature live singing and dancing for certain songs of the musical. The process will start with auditions to acquire the entire cast for the showcase. The objective of the showcase is to show major studios and high profile stars and casting agencies what the film is all about. With that said Hip Hop High Incorporated will present the entire on its company TheaterLive Online


Meanwhile, the other companies of Hip Hop High Incorporated will assist to bring the showcase together. Hip Hop High Dance Company will create all of the dance routines for the musical showcase with the Nyack, Newburgh and NYC crews of Hip Hop High Dance Companies competing for the right to choreograph key songs of the musical 


The Driving Force behind the Company

Hip Hop High Records will bring together artists to help create the feature film music and soundtrack. As we put the film and soundtrack together we will go after high profile stars like Justin Bieber, Arianna Grande, Tyrese Gibson and Jennifer Lopez for the film and at the same time we will be trying to put together the greatest movie soundtrack of all time with stars like Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Sam White, Mary J. Blige, Iggy Azalea and Jessie J.


While all of this is going on Hip Hop High Clothing Company will be trying to get a merchandising deal with Walmart to put its movie merchandise into stores nationwide before the movies release date.




Format of TV show "BULLETS TO BROADWAY®"

The TV show itself will be an hour long Reality TV show run by a 15 - 20 person executive panel that will run day to day business of Hip Hop High competing to be executives of Hip Hop High Incorporated. The eight separate companies as listed will be the focus of the TV show 


1. Hip Hop High Dance Company ®

2. Hip Hop High Clothing Company®

3. Hip Hop High - The Musical® ( Staged Musical, Film and soundtrack )

4. The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame & Museum Tour®

5. Hip Hop High Radio ® (Internet Radio Station)

6. HIP·HOP·TV®  (24 Hour Hip Hop TV Network)

7. Bullets To Broadway®

8. Urban News Network®


Every episode will show the progress of each company of Hip Hop High Incorporated and how it comes together leading up to the release of the film, soundtrack, clothing company and other key components of the company. The objective is to show the successes and failures of all aspects of Hip Hop High Incorporated and how we proceed as a new company struggling to make it


The key obstacle will be a calendar of events that has to be completed leading up to audience attended showcases. These showcases will show the progress of each company of Hip Hop High Incorporated, but strict deadlines and guidelines will be put in place for the executive committee to evaluate and scrutinize all facets of the companies as production move forward.


Each showcase should feature high profile guests i.e. Shaquille O’Neal, Birdman with special guests, Stars that we are trying to acquire to be in the movie like Justin Bieber, Usher, Alicia Keys, fashion executives and Music moguls. Some will be at the showcases to observe the ongoing progress of Hip Hop High Incorporated, but more so to evaluate the embryo stages of the brand and how it can be improved.




All In All, the longevity of the TV show is solid, with the multitude of companies that Hip Hop High Incorporated holds and can create, we see this show having a six to eight season run. From the Film to the TV series and eventually the Broadway debut, there will be no lack of content that will go unnoticed.


The key to the TV show is our vibrant executive panel and key high profile guest stars that will want to get involved with Hip Hop High Incorporated and help us grow. Also, keep in mind the young amateur talent that will be fighting daily to be a part of the Hip Hop High phenomenon 

We look forward to producing a great TV show and building an even better Hip Hop High worldwide Brand 

“Unlike all the other reality TV shows . we will be building this company every week. The reality of it is, we can comes together and prosper, or keep fighting and lose everything

– Z-man , creator/owner of the Hip Hop High® LLC

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