The Eight companies of Hip Hop High Incorporated - The  Reality TV series

Hip Hop High Dance Company®


 Hop High Dance Company is a dance studio that will host a brand new reality TV show that will focus on finding and cultivating Dancers, Rappers and Actors for the upcoming Feature Film “Hip Hop High-The Musical”. Amateur performers will be able to go to the Hip Hop High Dance Company in New York, NY, Jersey City, NJ, Nyack, NY and Philadelphia Pa and take classes from Hip Hop High instructors. This show will start here in the Harlem New York location. These instructors will find standout students and elevate them into the spotlight to be featured in the reality TV show and given a chance to eventually be in their upcoming “Hip Hop High” Feature Film, Scripted TV series and eventually the Broadway production of “Hip Hop High-The Musical”.


Although the other four elements of the Reality TV show are focused, The Hip Hop High Dance Company is the crown jewel and where the most competition will come from. The dance company's objective really is to find the ultimate performers to be in the up upcoming films, TV shows and eventually the Broadway premiere of Hip Hop High –The Musical.



The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Museum Tour™ will hit the road with a traveling exhibit to launch the National Hip Hop Hall of fame and Museum Tour™. The purpose of the tour is to help the nation better understand the history of Hip Hop and how it has evolved as an art form over the years. The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame & Museum Tour™ will tour to under privileged and underserved neighborhoods by taking the museum to their door steps through Urban Youth centers, Youth Programs like the Boys and Girls Clubs and accessible Community Colleges and Universities that will host this groundbreaking exhibit. This tour is in conjunction to promote the Reality TV series "Hip Hop High Incorporated - The Reality TV Series.®” and the upcoming release of the Movie and soundtrack of the feature Film “Hip Hop High®” This is an important exhibition for the Hip Hop world to connect with mainstream America, in a mere 1000 square feet it will open our eyes to the fact that Hip Hop music and its history has such an impact on today’s culture, fashion, and music.  Hip Hop High® could have created a Hip Hop Hall of fame and museum as a conventional exhibit for mainstream institutions, but we decided to go another route instead and we did that because in a mobile learning center we knew that we could reach an infinitely greater number of people beyond museum walls. In the long run, The National Hip Hop Hall of Fame will eventually find a permanent home, the location will be in a debate during  "Hip Hop High Incorporated - The Reality TV Series. The TV show that is propelling this tour. 

National Hip Hop Hall of Fame & Museum Tour®
Hip Hop High Clothing Company® and The Product development Team



Hip Hop High Clothing Company will have its own line of Clothing to support the Hip Hop High brand, everything from caps to t-shirts to fleece jackets to Hoodies, Hip Hop High Clothing Company will have clothing to sport throughout the year. Hip Hop High Clothing Company will also sell other major brands of Hip Hop Clothing as well as its own brand.


The Hip Hop High Company will have in house designers that will be handpicked during the first season of the reality TV show titled “Hip Hop High Incorporated-The Reality TV series. The Hip Hop High Clothing Company will be one of the weekly features that will be highlighted in the show and you will see the progress of the making of this new unique clothing company.


Not only will Hip Hop High Incorporated be producing clothing , but many other products will come out of the R&D department of Hip Hop High High, Expect to see  Footwear, headphones, portable speakers, along with bottled waters, Sports Drinks and other tangible goods that will be sold from Hip Hop High Incorporated. Stay tuned as other products will be introduced


The Development of Urban News Network® model plans to attract an African American audience, giving them something that haven’t been able to receive, black related news in a timely manner. We will also provide other programs including talk shows, sports programs, gospel shows, travel and news-talk programs targeting African Americans . The Mission of this innovative life changing network is to provide intelligent programming that is informative, educational, entertaining, inspiring and empowering for its African American audience Urban News Network original programming targets a dynamic high-growth loyal consumer who finds itself today, marginalized to sound bites concerning sports, crime or entertainment by the mainstream news media and is grossly underserved by cable television programming options. Urban News Network® will be the destination news source for African American families.

 Urban News Network®
Urban News Network Logo Cropped.jpg


Welcome To HIP·HOP·TV®. The Hottest New Hip Hop TV Shows, Movies, and Music Videos. We will provide an Array of Hip Hop news and Information 24 hours, 7 days a week, stay tuned as we launch this brand Network. Hip Hop TV. Hip Hop TV Anchor TV shows will include “Hip Hop History 101”. This TV Show will be the staple of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame & Museum and the new 24 Hour TV network. The TV show will delve into the early years of Hip Hop to present day and chronologically sound the show will give even the novice Hip Hop Fan a clear picture of how Hip Hop evolved. The show itself will be in a classroom setting of young teen adults asking questions about the history of Hip Hop. Old school and new school Hip Hop artist will be called in to be special guests to answer questions as well as to perform on the show. The classroom will turn into a stage on a regular basis to showcase artists of all generations of Hip Hop. 


The main thing that is driving the whole ship is the story of Hip Hop High -The Musical. This original stage musical that has been transferred to both Film and TV will be the meat and potatoes behind the Hip Hop High Franchise. The Masterplan is to use the reality TV show to show the making of the feature film which is slated to shot in 2019, we will go after stars that would make up a who’s who in the music industry including Justin Bieber, Mary J. Blige. Arianna Grande, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, 50 Cents and much more. Although we have not acquired any of these stars yet, this is the caliber of talent we will be engaging for this film.  9 time Emmy awarding director and Oscar winner producer Agustin Fernandez will be heading up the film project as the producer. This film is just the first element of the Hip Hop High –The Musical series, subsequent sequels will occur with a scripted dramatic TV show to follow after the third installment of the feature films. Once the film series and TV series have evolved the eventual home for the musical will be back to its original intention, and that is the Broadway stage 

Hip Hop High  - The Musical® 
New Bullets logo copy.png
Bullets To Broadway®

In This TV show, a  Broadway producer takes some urban theater producers from one of the hardest cities in New York State and gives them and their urban city kids a chance to prove themselves on a New York City stage in a brand new musical called Hip Hop HIgh -The Musical® . The producer  mentors them and uses his resources  to guide the Team to success on a New York City Stage  

The objective of the TV show is to show what Hip Hop HIgh -The Musical®  has to go through to make it in the musical theater industry in New York City. The barometer of success will vary once the audition process takes place and the rehearsal begins. Hip Hop HIgh -The Musical®  will be produced on stage at the Creative Cultural Center in NYC, the whole process of making the musical will be captured in the reality series. The Reality series will focus on 8 - 10 new members of the cast as well as the urban producers creating the musical as they are mentored by real Broadway producers.  Follow us as we follow them to auditions, rehearsals to the opening night of a New York City Stage premiere  in this new reality TV series “Bullets To Broadway® ”


Hip Hop High Radio®


 Hip Hop High Radio was created to get the word out about the products and services of all aspects of Hip Hop High. This Internet radio station will serve a dual purpose for Hip Hop High. One. a communication vehicle to Hip Hop High alumni and its fans, (2) the radio station will entertain 24/7 with limited advertising with the emphasis on the Hip Hop High Clothing Company and its many products. Hip hop high radio will cover the world according to Hip Hop with radio talk on the latest trends in music, fashion, sports and much more with a Hip Hop perspective.

Also, Expect to hear the latest hip Hop Music from our roster of artists and from all the world






Technology has allowed us to reach the masses via the web, and with this technology comes the ability to stream live video. TheaterLive Online® (TLO) is our new live streaming site that will feature live theater that will include original musicals, plays and dance performances. 
With TLO you will be able to watch LIVE Theater from New York, L.A.  even Paris at the comfort of your own home. This new cutting-edge website will give audiences from around the world a new view of Theater on a nightly basis at the fraction of the cost. Consider us the NetFlix™  of theater

 The plan right now is to launch TLO with Hip Hop High –The Musical® being its first show. We will premiere this show at a Theater in New York City. When Hip Hop High-The Musical® goes live in July 2018, this may very well change the face of Broadway, and it will definitely change the way the world sees live theater. No longer will small theater companies have to beg for theater space because it is theirs for the taking. With your help, we will launch

Hip Hop High-The Musical® worldwide in July at TheaterLive Online


TheaterLive Online®

I N C O R P O R A T E D 

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