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The Underground Railroad Museum coming to Newburgh New York 

National Urban Museums Of America™ plans to create The Newburgh Museum and Underground Railroad. 

This Underground Railroad pathway replica will use modern technologies like video displays , GSP and electronic sensor triggers to help the visitor experience. Each tour will have a guide that will take a group of escaped slaves through the Underground Railroad.  New York State was a gateway for many African Americans seeking to escape slavery in the 1800s. Its prime location, with access to Canada and major water routes, made it the destination of choice for many Africans fleeing slavery along the eastern seaboard. This interactive exhibit  was created to let the average person understand what it was like to get the courage to take the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom


The Underground Railroad Museum coming to Newburgh New York 

The Underground Railroad Museum and Tour will be a unique look and experience of what it was like being a freedom seeker in the south making your way to free America and Canada. History has it there was no one route of the Underground Railroad and our tour is simply our vision taken from historic accounts of The underground railroad.  The numbered descriptions will follow each section of the map as labeled. We asked that you view the map as you read the description to see the path of the tour.

The Newburgh Museum and Underground Railroad

Scholastic initiatives & afterschool programs

Scholastic initiatives

One of the main focuses of The Newburgh Museum and Underground Railroad  will be major scholastic initiatives. Getting school kids to come to the museum to learn about local, regional and National history will be the utmost priority. We are hoping to work directly with the New York State Governor's office to get school superintendents all over the state of New York to make this museum a central hub and attraction for higher historical learning.   


This special Museum program will provide critically needed services to the local children and families of Newburgh and Orange County, who find it difficult to recruit and retain children once they enter middle school and high school.  By providing in school teaching and training through The Newburgh Museum and Underground Railroad Scholastic initiatives. Many scholastic learning opportunities can be built into these programs.  For example, older youth are more autonomous, busier, better able and more likely to articulate specific needs, and less appeased by activities designed for a general audience.  While older youth can clearly benefit from participation in afterschool, programs must employ innovative strategies to attract and keep older youth engaged. Through audio-video programs, music, and interactive technology, we feel The Newburgh Museum and Underground Railroad Scholastic initiatives may be the answer to keep any and all students engaged to participate and learn about history and beyond.





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