The Path To Stardom®

Being a successful entertainer is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world, but by far one of the most rewarding. For most  the path to Stardom has to start with alot of ambition, desire, talent and sometimes luck. For most the path to stardom usually starts with some kind of plan

This TV show will delve into how several individual performing artists will find their Path To Stardom. Some will be helped by mentors and Management companies, some will go solo and hope for the best. The common denominator is that they all are hungry enough to be exposed on this TV show to possibly succeed or fail in front of a national audience to get the chance to be noticed.

Follow the day to day struggle of ordinary artists trying to make it big in the Film, theater and media arts world. Follow them from auditions to their first world tour and see what it takes to go from nothing to "The Path  to Stardom®"

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