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Sammie B.

Even at the ripe age of 22, Sammie B is no stranger to the game of rap. With already several songs  written and performed Sammie B. is well on her way to being a bonafide Rap Star. Hip Hop High is probably the break she has been looking for to showcase her wide variety of talent. Not only is  she a first class rapper, but singing, acting and dancing seems to be strong assets as well. It seems with a package like that, Sammie B. is just moments a way from being a star  


Judah Pheenom

When Bryan Judah starts to rap, there’s a sense of style that is undeniable, maybe because the dual threat of acting and rapping is so visible that you have to ask; how can he do it all. Mr. Judah can do it all. Keep an eye on this up and coming talent for he will surely  be a star on The path To Stardom and Beyond  


Rappin Frizzy

Call Him, Rap, Call him Rock this sultry sounding 

rapper is taking it to the next level. This Rapper songwriter artist has talent to spare the question is, what will get him to the next level



Terrance Lamar

Terrance represents the city of Newburgh , rapping since the age of Five. Terrance has truly found his calling. His style is second to none and his attitude is tenacious, but what makes him truly different is, he is a Christian rapper. His flow is one to be reckoned with. At the end of the day Terrance rap about Christianity and words of god, which makes him totally different. Stay tuned as we launch the next rap superstar.



Sha - STB

​This 16 year old firecracker has a voice like no other ,rapping  since she was 5 she has the god given talent that rappers dream of , but does she have what it takes to survive in the business at such a young age especially when she is still considered a minor and adults have to control her career, Lets follow her and see how she does



Ice Da God

Call it Avant Garde if you will, a smooth sultry sound  that  puts Ice Da God in a class of his own. This Hard spoken rapper has something to prove , not only to his fellow peeps, but himself, Stay tuned for this breakout star