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This will be by far your best opportunity to be in the company of singers and actors while still learning your craft. The Path to Stardom® will not be easy, but we will do the best we can to help , Send us your YOUTUBE video and tell us why and how you are on "The  Path To Stardom" We will be constantly looking for star potential , we don't want stars, we want to create stars and put them where they can be. That's what this Reality TV show is all about. 


You will instantly be on our reality TV show and eventually be stars on our TV, Films and  Broadway stages , now is the time to join the revolution. Find The Path To Stardom

Send us your contact info below , in the message area send us a link to your YOUTUBE video telling us why and how you are on "The Path To Stardom". Then show us some talent whether it is singing,dancing , rapping whatever.  We will being looking for interesting feedback to that question and will select artists that we think  are on

"The Path To Stardom®"


See the video below to get an example of what we are looking for 

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